Julius Caesar Aug. 2009

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It’s brilliant.
Really brilliant.
Run, don’t walk to see it.
Truly fantastic.
And till now I’m only talking about GWD!! 😉
Play and actors were just marvelous – it is set in a sort of alternate universe, with the costumes a mix of Roman togas and slinky designer jackets for the senators, cheap uniforms for Brutus (Ben Carlson) and hightech uniforms that seem to be out of the future for Oktavian. Really well done.
Geraint Wyn Davies is just fantastic in it. He is masking his frustration at the people’s reaction to his refusal to take a crown with short, clipped movements that give away his underlying emotion. He is a loving husband to his wife who is scared by her premonition-dreams. And he doesn’t go down without a fight when the assassinators finally attack him.
The fight scene is brilliantly choreographed and has the audience jumping in their seats every time.
That said: don’t sit in the first row and do not wear white.
Why, do you ask? Welllllll, I got drenched in Caesar’s blood (it is actually soap and color and washes out) – as the killers bathe their arms in Caesar’s blood, they squirt “blood” out of a plastic bag, I assume. That way, the red stuff squirts and you wouldn’t believe how far a squirt of this artificial red stuff can actually reach… LOL
The house manager was cringing (poor guy, I’d only contacted him because I wanted to know what to do with my pants and jacket…LOL), but he even inquired when I came back another night for a different play! LOL My brilliant hostess at my B&B  just put the garments in luke warm water and that was that.


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