Macbeth Aug. 2009

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What I liked:

The way they set the play into a time that resembles “now”. The program says it’s the late 60ies in South Africa but other than with a few costumes you don’t get that, as of course they haven’t changed the original Shakespearean text (thank god for that).

I liked that they used mostly “modern” weapons like handguns and rifles, as the main theme – revolution leads inevitably to revolution – is ageless and works with every timeline.

I liked the minimalistic stage and the way they were once again using the stairs in the audience as extended “playgrounds”.

I definitely liked the use of darkness – it is a play about darkness (Lady M needs lights in order to go to bed – and still she can’t sleep because of her remorse) and I liked the use of press photography and TV-sets (even tho’ they were an anachronism as they were too new in relation to the old photography equipment they used.

Also I liked Yanna Macintosh – that woman is just AMAZING. Looking forward to seeing her in Dream!

What I didn’t like:

the way the relationship between Lady M and M. has no spark at all. He comes back from war and she doesn’t even look at him. Hu???? (anyone still recall Geraint Wyn Davies in Slings&Arrows???? And yes, I realize it was done as a comedy then, but at least there was passion, too, even tho’ they made it for a laugh) so I wasn’t that impressed by Colm Feore. Sorry. He was brilliant in the last couple of scenes, but everything that leads to those scenes left me really cold. (and that even though there was his fanclub in the nosebleed section  that really rooted for him and made it into a love fest…)

Now onto the really important things:

Geraint Wyn Davies. I might just be a liiiiiittle bit biased but: He was fantastic. Not only did he look gorgeous, he also really made his scenes shine – he was the one actor whose scenes really worked for me. Very regal, very fatherly with his sons, very commanding. I truly hope they’ll ask him back soon for some major project in 2010.

So it was a nice start into my stay in Theatretown.


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