Stratford July 2010

stratford logo

Just a few words before the actual reviews begin.

I love this festival. Everybody should go there and participate in their brilliant activities. I mean, what’s not to love.

First of all: Adore the B&B I’m in; at the arbour garden everyone’s welcomed just like a family member. And Joan’s breakfasts are just delicious. You have a nice chat in the mornings with other guests, her and hubby Brian and just enjoy the atmosphere. Brilliant.

Then go out and have a Meet the Festival with various actors (you struck gold when its actors like Geraint Wyn Davies and Bruce Dow. Then it’s just one big laugh!)

On my first day I already had a foyer lecture about the Tempest (incredibly interesting: the “aarrrrghhh” all the pirates in the movies have to yell quite mandatory stems from yargh, which means tight or fast – as in pull the sails tight or move it!) then a Table Talk (which means a nice buffet in the company of other theatre crazies and a lecture by a university professor afterwards) about Peter Pan. Which all of a sudden turns from a children’s tale into a story of emasculated men and threatening women all of a sudden, which becomes understandable as soon as you hear about the life of J.M. Barrie, who wrote the story.

I hurried to go to my first Tempest then – review to come as soon as I have another minute; and then it was off to a filming of The Tempest to watch Christopher Plummer turn on his magic at the drop of a – no, not a hat, but an Okay! That man is brilliant, absolutely. And incredibly giving – even tho he only had a minute between the show and the filming, he stopped in about 100 degrees celsius with about 90 percent humidity and still signed my festival book and had the time to share a couple of words.

Filming in an increasingly cold theatre ended about 10.30ish and I got home at 11. And that’s only the first day of my vacation! YAY!!

so stay tuned for more about the Stratford Festival in Ontario.


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