CD: Do Not Go Gentle July 2010

From Da Man himself: Geraint Wyn Davies told me at the stage door that his new CD Do Not Go Gentle, poetry of Dylan Thomas, is now out and about. You can buy it in the Theatre store next to the Stratford Festival Theatre in Ontario and hopefully  soon at Unfortunately the CD is not very well advertised – it should be prominently featured at the Avon Studio Theater but sadly it wasn’t while I was there.

It has been recorded after the Broadway-run of Do Not Go Gentle and it’s just FANTASTIC!! You can now order it here at the Theatre Store in Stratford ( or by calling 1-800-561-1233 ext 2320 – this info was thankfully passed on to me through Aaron Kropf, who is Social and Online Media Coordinator at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival – thank you very much for commenting!!) or at iTunes under Geraint’s name – and you should buy it – it’s really great!! I already got two!


2 responses to “CD: Do Not Go Gentle July 2010

  1. I wanted to pass on some information that might be helpful. The best way to get a hold of a copy of the CD (I think the one you are talking about is “In My Craft Stories and Poems” – a collection of Dylan Thomas poetry ready by Geraint Wyn Davies) is by emailing the theatre store or by calling 1-800-561-1233 ext 2320. It’s best to use either one of those methods instead of using the twitter account.
    I hope this information is helpful to your readers that might be interested in a copy of this CD.
    Aaron Kropf
    Social and Online Media Coordinator
    Stratford Shakespeare Festival

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