Dangerous Liaisons & Two Gentlemen of Verona Aug 2010

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I am so very sorry. Real life (bugger) and jetlag and another trip intervened so that I still haven’t had the time to post two more reviews from brilliant Stratford. I am deeply ashamed.


So here it comes, though very short and sweet:

Dangerous Liaisons.

Absolutely fabulous. I especially loved the brilliant stage setting, all in blacks and silvers. But of course it’s the amazing talents of Seana McKenna, Yanna McIntosh and Sara Topham that really carry the play and make it an extraordinary experience. And Tom McCamus is just the icing on this absolutely fabulous “cake”!  Not shying away from nude scenes and a lot of on hand and very raunchy scenes the play and its marvellous actors  never went over the top, but wove the story of boredom and cruelty as well as love and seduction in a way that did not let my thoughts stray. Basically the only thing I didn’t like that much was the very last scene, where the card playing marquises sit around their table, luxuriously bored again, le Merteuil wearing a bright blood red dress, a red spot of light on them – and then the director destroys the eerily prophetic scene of things to come on the eve of destruction with some Sans-Culottes storming in, shoving a Guillotine in. Other than that: Brilliant!


Two Gents.

It’s Shakespeares first play – and some think it’s him making fun of the at the time very popular dramas that crowded the stage. And indeed it is a fun play to watch, about two best friends who fall apart when they both fall for the same girl – who doesn’t want any of them as soon as she learns that one betrays his betrothed and the other his friendship. Plus: it’s the “Tempest”‘s staff night out! Claire Lautier is a bewitchingly beautiful Silvia, Dion Johnston and Gareth Potter are marvellous, and then there’s of course Bruce Dow, whose Speed has probably the only true friendship – with a lovely and incredibly patient (bordering on lethargic) Basset Hound. Those two together alone were worth watching the play. It’s a fun, lovely and sweet play I enjoyed a lot.


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