An evening with Simon Burke Nov. 2010

What could be better than a concert with a brilliant Entertainer? A concert with said brilliant Entertainer in the intimate setting of a high class bar in the newly renovated 5-star-plus Savoy Hotel in London. In a setting that elegant audiences are treated to a series of shows provided by stars from the West End –  this is bound to be a success. So when Simon Burke signed with Private Drama to entertain in Prince Charles’ favorite hang-out, the Beaufort Bar, I was there. Of course. Nothing to do with the fact that I adore Simon’s talent … 😉

While the hotel is actually a bit too florid for my taste, the Beaufort Bar itself is very classy, lots of wood and comfy seats, a bit minimalistic art deco – and a great piano. The perfect setting for a perfect evening – and it turned out to be more than just a night to be remembered. First of all, Simon Burke looked fabulous in a dark grey suit and a classical evening shirt. And his voice was soaring when he sang “I am a man”, his starter. Charming, witty and eloquent he shared stories of his professional life to tie over from one song to the next and the first set ended all too soon. During the second set he even included the audience and – amongst songs like Empty Chairs, All I Care About is Love, Edelweiß, and other musical hits of his wide and illustrious career – a bluesey number that was absolutely brilliant and awesome.

That he came out to chat with his fans – standing ovations were of course a given – after the second set was just icing on the cake and the perfect ending to an amazing evening. I definitely hope to see more of Simon Burke soon – no matter if it’s musical or drama – this multitalented man is born for the stage and yet still grounded and down to earth, he’s worth the trip to London and more!



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