Deathtrap Nov 2010

london west end

What a brilliant brilliant crime story. Jonathan Groff from Glee fame is Clifford, a new and fresh crime writer who sends his first novel to seasoned – and “blocked” writer Sidney Bruhl who lives with and off his wife Myra as his books no longer sell and a new one is nowhere near in sight.

So when Clifford’s ¬†brilliant script arrives in Bruhl’s reclusive country house, it is almost like a secret wish has come true – no-one knows about the new author, the script hasn’t been sent to anyone else and it’s a sure success. Therefore Sidney offers his “help” and sends for Clifford, intent on finding out if he will be able to steal the script.

I will not give away anything more of the play, other than that nothing is the way it seems and that the only constant in the play is the novel that seems to take on a life of its own. In shocking turns and twists everybody has his/her fair share of cruel deeds to do and I admit that I was startled out of my seat more than once.

It’s a brilliant “two-heart-attacks”-play I thoroughly enjoyed and loved – with witty dialogue in best screwball comedy tradition and enough surprises to last at least three lesser plays. A fun evening was had by all!


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