Ghost Stories Jan. 30th, ’11

london west end

162.000 people have already seen Ghost Stories and not given away anything. Why do I know that? Because when you leave the theatre – no, make that: IF you leave the theatre after the show there is a sign lighting up over the door stating it. And so I won’t be number one!

Just this: It is an incredibly well written story that takes a couple of urban myths and turns them into something shitting your pants scary! The theatre is dark when you arrive and stays dark throughout the whole 80 minutes of the play, there is no intermission. And by the end of it you make your way back through the creepy staircase that’s been wrapped and taped with yellow-black security tape and you never were so glad to see a theatre foyer in all your life!

Remember – everything you see in this brilliant play is of significance. And that won’t protect you from some pretty nasty surprises!


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