Hurly Burly Burlesque March 27th, ’11

london west end


What a difference a day makes – indeed.

This show is a real winner – beautiful women (who give the rest of us an inferiority complex) tease in gorgeous outfits, reveal almost all to hot music – I was particularly taken by a tango and then I figured out that it was indeed contemporary music from Madonna, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga and others, brilliantly revamped into something seductive and sweet. There is a Teacher spanks Pupils-number that’s absolutely fabulous, and a Country & Western-number that’s awesome (that’s also the number for “audience participation” – a male member of the audience is brought on stage to play a horse!) and also quite hilarious.

The performers are equally exceptional: there is Sophie Zucchini who has the smoothest dance moves I’ve ever seen and who has perfected the routine of teasingly taking off everything only to reveal yet another layer of a tiny something that’s covering her.

There is Spencer Day, the only male performer (aside from an exceptional saxophonist who has to make a stage appearance) who possesses a great voice and seems to be a “musical vagabond” according to the program.

And then there is Miss Polly Rae, who not only has a marvellous body but also knows how to move and dance. And I have to admit, the opening number “It’s a sin” with her posing as a nun in a very sparkly habit was an event in itself. As was the last big number with her playing with two huge fans made of long feathers.

All in all it was a perfect burlesque spectacle with fantastic performers who take raunchy and naughty and elevate it to an even higher level. It’s a lot of fun without ever overstepping the boundaries of burlesque. Go, see it – it’s worth it!





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