Richard III May ’11


An experiment that worked out brilliantly – thanks to the marvellous Seana McKenna who proves that acting is not necessary gender significant – her Richard III not only is the “serial killer on the throne” as promised, her talent makes the audience forget she’s a woman within the first seconds. She IS Richard – the power mad runner up to the thrown who slowly but steadily eliminates everyone in his way and with his charisma not only makes one forget about his bodily deformations, but also about his mental ones. And when his adversaries and allies realise his ruthlessness it’s too late for them – they are on their way to their execution anyway.

In the end it is his own brilliant mind that turns against him and makes the ghosts of his bloody crimes haunt him, that drives him to his own downfall proving only Richard is a danger to Richard.

As I said before – the scheme to have an actress play Richard only works because of said actress’ talent. The whole production is lucky to have brilliant actors – Nigel Bennett amongst them, who supports his new king till he is sent to his death – in even the smallest parts.

Therefore it’s an overall success and proves what made Seana McKenna  take on the role in the first place: She’d taught it so often that she wanted to do the “whole thing” – a brilliant experiment, a joy to watch.


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