John Barrowman Concert Tour 2011

It’s autumn and with the falling of leaves there also comes the shedding of inhibitions for fans when they embark on a trip with Entertainer John Barrowman during one of his shows.

And as John certainly knows his fans (and his demographic, it appears) he feeds our every need. There’s stories about his childhood again, lots of pictures to document and prove the hilarious tidbits he gives away, and enough innuendo to fill three two-hour shows and not just one. And that is a VERY good thing, believe me.

But there is also his incredible energy that sweeps the audience off their feet, clapping, singing along and cheering when he starts off in a sparkly blue suit with a medley of all new songs that set the tone for the evening. It’s indeed all about entertaining. The J4 have their moments in the spotlight, well deserved, with a solo number (to give John the time to don yet another of his four – blue, green, purple and red  – outfits) and they do sing well and dance even better, and raised the estrogen level among the (mostly) female audience when ripping their clothes off.

Jodie Prenger is a firecracker who’s on stage in the first half with two songs and in the second half  with two more songs, a very bluesy rendition of the hit Umbrella amongst it, until she’s reunited with John to do  So Close. And as much as I’d have liked to see someone new on stage together with John, I loved every second of Jodie on stage.

Also John’s parents make an appearance  in the midst of hilarious stories (probably very well made up) about their private lives, dressed as a construction worker and a sexy police woman – so the logical conclusion was to perform YMCA from the Village People.

One of the highlights of the show – well, for me at least – was an absolutely amazing medley of Eurovision Song Contest winning songs, and a Hollywood medley accompanied by pictures of him with Bob Hope and with Petula Clark whose Downtown started this segment… where John had all the audience singing along.

And then the show was almost over and a last change into a brilliant black suit with sparkly sequins adorned to back and arms and its pink lapels was on the menue, in which John then performed the last few songs that had us all giving standing ovations – which clearly moved him. And when the show finally ended with his anthem I am what I am everybody was VERY happy and in the best of moods.

stage door:

no such thing. it’s already too cold after the shows, John had a bit of a sore throat and made it out the back door to his car, where his parents and Scott were already at the ready. He drove off while standing up, waving through the open roof and to the cheers of the waiting fans. A wonderful evening, a marvellous memory.

But please don’t expect John to sign after the show – at all three shows I saw he just tried to get home / to a hotel as quickly as possible. He does have his parents with him as they are part of his show, so it’s understandable that he doesn’t want to keep them waiting.


Unfortunately not a great venue was Brentwood – which I actually refuse to call a proper venue and the concert started 20 minutes late. It was a sports hall, where people in the wings were unable to see much of John, the acoustics were a challenge and the security – all tough guys with microphones clasped to their ears just as they saw it on US-TV shows – did NOTHING when a nutty woman walked all the way down to the front of the stage where John was singing to take pictures. John was dealing with the situation admirably, but he shouldn’t have had to deal with this at all. Security btw watched the drama unfold and kept standing at the corners of the so called stage, looking the other way.(the crazy woman fell on her way back to her place, btw – so she was probably drunk, too)

The “venue” was indeed that bad that John felt the need to apologize via twitter afterwards – but it was definitely not his fault at all.


What a difference a day made: I had the pleasure of seeing the third concert, too! This time in the renowned corn exchange in Cambridge, a tried and tested venue with fantastic acoustics and an intimate feel to it that made the show a very special event, indeed. the only mishap that had us all in stitches with laughter though: the fog machine run amok right at the beginning of the show and produced greyness to last the venue a lifetime. Which made John play “Foghorn” while the smoke was slowly vanishing again. hilarious doesn’t even start to cover it.




addendum – the London concert – it was a true joy to watch – the orchestra and John and the J4s were on fire and working together like a well oiled perfected machine, the venue, the renowned Palladium theatre, added to the wonderful “feel” of a masterpiece concert. that the whole gig was also a fun fan convention where people who only met on twitter and via the lists finally came together and had fun was an added bonus. And everybody wanted to be a fly on the wall of the Green Room, a bar in the Palladium, where after the show John continued to entertain his guests, Kai Owen among them.




addendum . Cardiff –

Cardiff is always “special”, the fans learned years ago. it’s “home” to John and he seems to enjoy his time on stage there even more than anywhere else. That said it’s no surprise he filled the huge venue almost to the last seat. The audience was going strong from the beginning, and John once again was on fire, performing and just plainly having fun. Eve Myles was in the audience and recognised immediately by the fans (there was a rumor that Gareth David Lloyd was attending too, but I didn’t spot him at any point, nor did the audience, who immediately crowded around Eve who let them take pictures).

John’s parents milked their scenes until there wasn’t a dry eye in the audience, adlibbing until even John himself broke down in helpless laughter (” I think I peed myself a bit”) which didn’t help…

But the real treat was when some stage hand brought Scott Gill on stage, who at first seemed a bit taken aback by the enthusiasm of the audience, but relaxed as soon as John was holding his hand (together now: awwwwwwwwwwwwww). And then the band started to play Rhinestone Cowboy and the incomparable Mr Gill was “forced” to sing along. It was a brilliant rendering of the song, showing off Scott’s deep voice even tho the first few bars were a bit… a tiny bit off key, but endearingly so. John joined immediately as the “choir” and all went absolutely brilliant and perfect (and obviously rehearsed, even tho they made as if John had just plotted right now) – “now work the audience” and John led Scott to the sides of the stage to woo the audience there – until he finally held the note to which Scott kept on singing. Perfect! Standing Ovation for Scott! and  a last send off from John “He’s gonna kill me for that tonight!” LOL


Stage door – we waited. sigh. for hhhoooourrrs it seemed! LOL but we saw Eve and family come out and Gavin leave – they had all been at the small reception held in the venue. Then finally John came out – happy, content but – and that was a  new one – absolutely knackered and thanked us for being there and supporting him etc. it was marvellous and I loved every second. So happy I was able to see Cardiff this year…


The set list – well, I’m notoriously bad at that and grateful for any input. that’s what I recalled so far

Celebration (as the intro)


and thanks to the wonderful Jo Julier:

Holiday medley

Hollywood (Buble)

Listen to the music


Eurovision medley: Kisses for Me, Boombangabang, Making your mind up (J4s) Waterloo

Tonight’s the Night

Greatest Day by Take That

You Raise Me Up from Josh Groban

I owe it all to you

And I love you so

the winner takes it all

what about us



So Close with Jodie

I am what I am


8 responses to “John Barrowman Concert Tour 2011

  1. What was “I Love You So” associated with — did he tell a story along with it? Was it Scott related? It’s a gorgeous song and perfect for his voice.

    • He did introduce the song during the first concert with a loving mention of Scott (who was there apparently, in one of the balcony-boxes, not that I saw him LOL) – he did not say anything on the second night, when Scott was obviously not there…

  2. May I add: Holiday medley, Hollywood (Buble),Listen to the music, Mandy, Eurovision medley: Kisses for Me, Boombangabang, Making your mind up (J4s) Waterloo, Tonight’s the Night. The Take That number was actually ‘Greatest Day’ (he did ‘Rule the world’ last year), & although he kind of gave that impression with his intro, “You Raise Me Up” isn’t trad but by a composer called Graham, written for a band called (I think!) Secret Garden, but taken up then by Josh Groban. Lovingly ripped off from ‘Danny Boy’, of course!! And I’m sure I’ve left some off the list, too! Fab report: hope you still enjoyed Brentwood despite its grottiness!!

    • damn you are good!! thank you sosoSO much for sending me this, I am updating as I type. I am so bad with set lists, but then I want to enjoy the show, too and clap and wave and therefore don’t have paper and a pen with me to jot down notes. I should probably!LOL
      thank you once again! You are a STAR!!

      • That’s how I feel too – was going to jot down part ! Songs in interval but then got watching photo slideshow & was enjoying that too much!! I apologise for Brentwood,as one born & bred in Essex…though I got away as soon as I could over thirty years ago!! It hasn’t got much classier, from the sound of it…you’re in Cambs tonight? That should be MUCH nicer!!

  3. I am very dissapointed that i am unable to attend the concert this year however from preivious experiance anyone attending wont be dissapointed. As you rightfully said caters to everyones needs. He knows his fans he knows alot of older people like him but does no that he has a huge base of younger fans as well. The funny stories told during the show makes the show more personal and less like an ainatence but more like a friend. John would love to sign after the show but has a policy ( whitch i think is so kind nd sweet) that he will only sign if he can sign everyones so no one misses out. when there is alot of people whitch there always is this is impossible as well as him having to preserve his voice for the rest of the tour. John is defiantly not a bigged headed celeb and is so kind and loving. Anyone attending you are in with a treat. I really wanted to go but i didnt want to be by my self experically being a 15 year old i didnt want to sit by my self siging along :(. HAVE FUN X ”takelifebythehand”

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