Singin’ in the Rain, June 2nd, ’12

london west end

It’s a fabulous show, so very well executed with so many incredibly talented actors/dancers. Therefore it’s almost unfair to start comparisons with the incredibly famous movie with Gene Kelly. And I’m not quite sure if it actually is a compliment, but I certainly mean it as a compliment, a HUGE one in fact, when I say that the show is so much alike the movie, it’s almost as if you’re watching Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor and Debbie Reynolds on stage. At times it seemed as if the original hollywood stars were on stage instead of Adam Cooper as Don Lockwood, Daniel Crossley as Cosmo Brown and the lovely Scarlett Strallen as Kathy Selden.

They even left the famous “Be a Clown” number in it, in which O’Connor finally runs up the walls to somersault back to solid ground, by just carrying a fake theatre wall across the stage! It was a hilarious inside joke not everyone in the audience got, but I was certainly delighted.

The precision of the whole company was breathtaking and complimented the marvellously talented stars of the show perfectly. And the story itself was of course fun too: in the advent of “the speaking movie” silent movie stars were discarded left and right because they had the “wrong” voice. New stars were rising because they were able to sing and talk and dance – and that was the new rage. And true love can cross boundaries of fame and wealth and find a way. sigh. 😉

Most fabulous was the titular number as it actually started to rain on stage – and much to the chagrin of the audience in the first five rows in the stalls this choreography too was recreated just like in the movie, complete with splishes and splashes that splattered the best seats in the house with water!

This was of course the last scene before intermission – which was good, as the cleaning crew did a marvellous job during intermission to dry out the stage again. They mopped and polished and were actually finished after ten minutes, which earned them a well deserved ovation from the audience.

And when we were stagedooring, the theatre’s incessant advertising had it raining so that we were able to recreate the most famous number of the play yet again! Despite the really dreadful weather Michael Brandon (of Dempsey and Makepeace), Daniel Crossley and Katherine Kingsley (Lina Lamont) were very sweet and took the time in the pouring rain to sign their hearts out! Of course we were really grateful – and wet, so very very wet…


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