Little Shop of Horrors Nov. 20th, ’12



Well, it’s a fun little show after the kult-movie and it actually fares well as a musical, even tho the only memorable song is Suddenly Seymour. It’s also a bit unfair to compare the technically perfect production of Mary Poppins with its brilliant cast and the wide range of possibilities a million dollar production has with the rather off-theatre way Audrey II comes to life on the tiny stage of Q Theatre.

The actors/singers give it certainly their all, and at least one of the chorus girls is really remarkably good. But I got the feeling the director left play and cast very much alone in their endeavours to bring this show to life. Which is a shame because the prop department certainly made a super-human effort to give life to Audrey, the man eating plant. first resembling a fledgling penis, it soon turns – how original – in a man-eating vagina, which I hear is the nightmare of every insecure grown man on earth. oh well.

The one actor that stood out was Andrew Grainger who played the dentist, Audrey’s first lunch (and various other parts, the wife of an editor amongst them) – he is absolutely hilarious as a cad and actually made the play for me when he turned up in tight plastic pants and a leather jacket, desperately trying to look like Elvis!

As I said at the beginning: It was fun to watch, and it’s short – I was able to fall into my bed at 9. And I was very grateful for that…


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