The Addams Family March11th, ’13

theatre misc

The Addams Family – first preview today – and yes, it looked pretty perfect to me. The cast is eager and having fun, the audience as well and we all were given masks to pose as Fester for a pic for the Australian Daily Telegraph who is sponsoring the whole show. Chloe Dallimore doesn’t only look gorgeous and has a strong voice, she’s also a comedienne and tangoes with the best of them. Her Morticia is amazing.

Gomez is John Waters and he does look rather old for gorgeous Chloe, but he has a nice  though not very strong voice and is almost continually on stage. So it’s probably just make-up that’s giving him the air of decades or is that decay 😉 He does have to carry the show, but doesn’t come across as very suave while trying to. Finding another Gomez would probably benefit the play.
Tim Maddren as the young love interest is appropriately yummie and in love, so that’s fine as well.
My Pugsley was Blake Hurford who was also Michael Banks in Mary Poppins (there is the scene where Grandma explaines a potion:”It would turn Mary Poppins into Medea” and he says: I don’t get your references” I was laughing already, too funny even without the added: well then get off your phone and read  a book once in a while)  – incredibly talented and fun to watch as the monstrous younger brother who loves to blow things up. He has a great fun torture scene and a huge solo number and aces both.

The story itself is nothing much to write home about: Wednesday is in love and wants to marry, her chosen boy is from a normal family. The first family dinner therefore ends in desaster. (we see that but with catchy-er tunes in La Cage aux Folles)  But love conquers all and in the end all three pairs (or four if you count Fester and the Moon) are together and living happily ever after or – in true Addams tradition: Are you unhappy, my love? Yes, truly and utterly unhappy, darling!

The first half is very much fun with the introduction of the quirky characters – they even resurrect the already dead ancestors that are mentioned in the program; – and the laying ground of the rather thin story line. the second half has two really great numbers – Death is waiting round the Cor(o)ner and Tango d’Amour – but is slower and weaker than the first half.

Remarkable the truly awesome stage design and the beautiful costumes. And there were even some political remarks inserted into the dialogue: what is it that everybody wants and not everybody has (Love would have been the answer but Morticia quips: “Marriage equality?”
so it’s a fun show that is worth a visit. oh, and yes, I had a first row ticket 😉 but I now also understand why it didn’t have a long run on Broadway.


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