Trevor Ashley – Liza on an E / April 20th, ’13

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He’s from Sydney. I admit that was one of the reasons I immediately booked a ticket to his show. That and his YouTube videos. Lucky me – I wasn’t disappointed. Trevor Ashley not only has the voice to be a poignant imitator of Liza Minelli (if you closed your eyes – not advised though, as his face does hilarious things while he sings – you heard HER sing!), he is also a storm on stage.

And he knows even the smallest of gestures that “make” Liza. That and his hilarious running commentary, showing a deeply disturbed, clueless yet talented person made for a brilliant evening with loads of laughter. (Liza: “I am a gay icon. I’m proud of it. I love my gays. I love them so much, that priest in front of us keeps marrying me to them!” “David… David Guest with his botox drip firmly attached to his forehead…” “Liz … Liz Taylor was my guest of honor, my bridesmaid was Michael Jackson… he had so much class… ” …”Pink! (the artist, comm.) Pink, oh I love him!” “Take Lady GaGa – well if I’ve learned one thing it’s that you need a penis to have a career….”)

It was fun, it was rude and with no respect whatsoever – it was a brilliant evening at the Cabaret (which s/he sang as well). That Trevor joined his fans at the bar at the Metropol theatre after his show to chat a bit was just an added bonus 😉