Blithe Spirit Sept 13th, ’13

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Very apt to watch this on a Friday, 13th! (wasn’t planned though, I admit, just my luck)

It’s fun, it’s cute, it’s brilliant Noel Coward at his best – most of all when it’s played by Ben Carlson as Charles and Sarah Topham (Ruth and brilliant in this), Michelle Giroux (Elvira) and the incomparable Seana McKenna as Madame Arcati (damn, she was good in this, really!)

When Charles, famous author, is struck with a mild form of writer’s block, he invites a medium, Mdm Arcati, to gather some insight in a character for a novel. His second wife Ruth has arranged a nice dinner and everything moves smoothly until –

Until the moment the curtains flutter and Charles’ first wife Elvire stands in the garden door. Charles’ deceased  first wife…

mayhem ensues as Charles is the only one able to see and hear Elvira and Elvira isn’t too fond of Ruth, the new wife in her widowed husband’s life. Then “accidents” start to happen – to the slightly overzealous maid Edith (Susie Burnett with a lot of courage to look her worst) and then to Charles himself.  it is then Ruth finally believes her husband’s tale of the ghost of his first wife and she promises to get Mdm Arcati to help to send Elvira back where she came from. unfortunately she takes the car –

the same car Elvira has rigged in order to kill Charles to live with him happily ever after…

And so Charles is widowed AGAIN and now has TWO ghosts haunting his house and his life. Mdm Arcati is no help, until they figure out – it was Edith who conjured up the ghosts in the first place.

a hopeful and probably free of ghosts Charles is taking a leave from his house in a blithe spirit while his earstwhile wives wreak havoc in it…


it’s brilliant. it’s fun. And I love Noel Coward.


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