The Three Musketeers Sept.12th, ’13

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They actually managed to follow the brilliant Richard Lester movie from 1973 to a T!!
It’s a brilliant romp excellently played by boys having fun. The boys being: Graham
Abbey as Athos, Jonathan Goad in a fatsuit as Porthos, the delightfully young Luke Humphrey as D’Artagnan and Mike Shara as Aramis in search of his soul.

The story is well known and could have been worn out, but luckily wasn’t: D’Artagnan wants to become a Musketeer but within minutes is quarreling with all three most famous men. He takes on the Cardinal’s men, earns the trust of the Musketeers and falls in love with Constance who gets abducted by the Cardinal’s men. Milady deWinter steals diamonds from a necklace the Queen, Anne of Austria, has given as a token of peace and her love to the Duke of Buckingham. In order to not cause a major state affair, the Musketeers must retrieve the necklace, save Constance and get rid of deWinter who turns out to be a common whore who once betrayed Porthos.

The play is lavishly interspersed with brilliant fight scenes, flawlessly executed by Fight Director John Stead, and shows off the main cast’s fervor and talents as sword wielding noblemen perfectly. It’s loud, it’s fast paced and fun – go watch it! it’s worth it for the guys alone. Because like after reading the book I am now officially in love with Athos, Porthos and Aramis… 😉


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