La Cage aux Folles Oct.22nd, ’13

theatre misc

La Cage in Salzburg – well… maybe it wasn’t The Best Of Times but it was a damn good time I had. They didn’t use the hilarious Menier chocolate factory ‘s version I saw both in London and on Broadway. Which was – given the audience I experienced – a good idea as it was a lot less raunchy than – well duh – the London production. But then I did have the feeling Salzburg’s theatre goers were partly a bit overwhelmed by the show, given that the theatre was sold out before and not after intermission.
But then the show lost a lot of steam in the second half anyway. (The Croissant got a 5sec mention and that was that) – remember the “I hide the Greek themed plates ” scene? The one where the plates change hands at a frantic pace in the hopes Dindon doesn’t get the “frog leaping”? Skipped. They were sitting for that!!! Best of times suffered from the too small stage which didn’t provide the needed space for Zaza to come out – literally.
now, that said : the cast was quite good. Uwe Kroeger is a strong and experienced actor with a huge streak of irony and self deprication – I got the feeling he was strongly reigned in by direction. Dieter Landuris tries hard to make it work and succeeds mostly. both actors have big shoes / high heels to fill though. the Cagelles – helped out by two bodybuilder types cavorting in two empty balcony booths – had two (not 3) females amongst them which kind of went against the song texts. so it was a fun show but not one I’d want to see twice despite the standing ovation we honored the actors’s work with.
Also I have to admit the German translation of the songs was .. well, suffering from all the bad things translations usually do – the meaning gets distorted, jokes are left behind and and smooth rhymes are lost as well.
it’s a cool production, even more so for provincial Salzburg with its usually snobby theatre clique, so more power to them.


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