Himmel, Hölle, Haider Apr.5th, ’14

theatre misc


I was “doing theatre” last night! In Vienna! Again! 😉 With the very talented Alfons Haider who is an allround entertainer in Austria. He presents both the famous Opernball and the equally famous Life Ball. He also was Zaza in La Cage and the king in Becket, just to give you a glimps of his versatility. His political cabaret is really funny and to the point and had me laughing so hard. Especially the sequence where he – as an openly out gay man – is evoking sexual feelings in an asexual angel… hilarious!

He also poked fun at our crooked politicians, of which we have more than just our fair share, I must admit. The Cabaret’s theme was: He died because his manager killed him in a parking lot. Now he is on a waiting cloud trying to make sense of what happened to him and what his future will bring – if there is any future. Sadly, the heavens aren’t that much different to good old earth and there’s just as much bureaucracy, meddling, backstabbing and fighting of office wars going on as everywhere else. Just without the cursing. a curse means thunder and lightning. And – in the long run – demoting of the angel in charge (Martin Oberhauser and really hilarious as the half blind fan of the … wrong entertainer).

The only drawback was the truly hideous theatre itself. It looks more like a large gathering hall. Which means all in all it was a great evening! 😉 Must see his new show in October.


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