The Commitments July 20th, 2014

london west end


Another great evening – the Palace Theatre, we were quite close to the stage and a bunch of soul music. The story of a couple of friends from Dublin who want to be in a band is light entertainment and fun to watch – fascinating for me was that they had their own orchestra on the stage – as the piano player, the drummer, the sax and the trumpet player were actors who were also great with their musical instruments. But the backstory takes a back seat to the soul songs we hear. Deco (I’ll have to look up the actor, we had the stand in and he was really good) is an irish arse, but has a great voice, the piano player studies medicine, the sax player is learning how to play as they go along, the trumpet player is the only already famous artist, but he’s a quitter. The three girls are an ex-prostitute and her two pals, they have a skinhead/punk as a drummer and a softhearted lad as guitarrist. the only one really passionate about the whole project is Derek who holds them together time and again to form a band called the Commitments (because we are committed to soul! and to the working class people!)

When they finally have their first gigs and start to have success they also can’t stand each other any longer. Everything falls apart, but now it is Derek’s father who calls everone to organise a reunion. They still can’t stand each other in true Dublin fashion, but they also can’t be without each other. And so they play their soul music again.

The musical lives and breathes only through its cast. And the male vocalist was really outstanding.

Mustang Sally

Try a Little Tenderness

The Dark End of the Street
Take Me to the River
I Can’t Stand the Rain
Too Many Fish in the Sea
Treat Her Right
In the Midnight Hour
I Never Loved a Man
Chain of Fools
Mr. Pitiful
Show Me
Bring It On Home to Me
Hard to Handle
Bye Bye Baby
Slip Away
Nowhere to Run
Ain’t Nothing You Can Do

Some Kind of Wonderful

Get Ready
and that’s only part of the numbers played. by the end the whole audience was standing and clapping and singing along and dancing with the performers, despite it being 100 °C and humid like hell. it was marvellous. And at the stage door everyone chatted and signed and posed for pictures.  It was great fun!



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