Wordplay – the madness of king George III Sept 7th, ’14

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It was a read through – with actors who love to goof around reading multiple parts, having fun with accents and just generally fooling around on stage. Led by Geraint Wyn Davies as king and his real life wife Claire Lautier (quote geraint: who I’ve just met but I hear she’s decent) this farcical comedy deals with George’s first bout of his madness that will in the end lead to him being locked away and his son taking control as prince regent. This restauration comedy is also  very clever depiction of life at court and the intrigues spun by everybody.

But what made the play good fun were undoubtedly the actors who played off each other and had a go whenever possible. So yes, lots of laughter masked the rather tragic fate of George III who is “retrained” to act normal in public while his son and parliament are trying to have him committed for good. 

I am already looking forward to seeing a second wordplay next Sunday.


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