Sound of Music Sept.15th, ’15

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Yes. I watched it. Because Ben Carlson. Who turned out to be a redeeming quality of the show. He was no Simon Burke tho…

The first half of the show was very energetic and has of course all the well known melodies in it … that is except Edelweiss. The kids were very well cast, the youngest girl not only talented but also really cute to the point where even I was smiling and awwwing. The second half lived off Ben Carlson’s talent to turn even the saccharine-y plot into something. I know that Disney forbids any changes to the musical, but I admit that the mock numbers of the other contestants were almost an insult to me.

But hey, they got loads of applause, I adored the voice of mother superior and I really liked the totally underused Ben Carlson, even though he doesn’t have much of a singing voice.

SIGH  I am glad though that I have Simon Burke’s music on my tablet. His CD has Edelweiss… 😳😳😳


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