Peter Pan goes wrong Jan.24th, ’16

london west end


Peter Pan. You all know the story. Wendy and her two brothers are “stolen” by Peter, who brings them to Neverland, where they meet the little fairy Tinkerbell, the Indian princess, the crocodile and the pirates, with Captain Hook who tries to capture Peter to exact revenge for his lost hand.

Peter Pan goes wrong. Oh it goes wrong. So much. I cried laughing. Gabe was ordered to pass on a huge electric cable over her head. They were searching for a hammer this time. Then almost threw it over the audience because they needed to secure some of the seats in the theatre. The dog was found, btw (see The Play that goes wrong). They tried to capture the stagefrightened Tootles / Lucy Grove (Ellie Morris) but she escaped numerous times through the audience. Brad Pitt isn’t in the play as well. But Peter Pan / Jonathan Harris (Greg Tannahill) has many and fantastic philantropic causes and adopted two kids, no wait, that’s Pitt again. (yes, those are quotes from the program). Oh and we all mourn the loss of Nadia, the ten foot Nile crocodile that had to be euthanised shortly after arriving in London as it broke loose and wreaked havoc (another quote)

There is not one flying sequence that works. Peter is trying to … mount every woman on his stage and succeeds mostly. The brilliant narrator (Tom Edden) is constantly fighting with his moving chair – and losing. Tinkerbell / Annie Twilloil (Nancy Wallinger) is wearing a tutu with lights – and gets electrocuted (that cable Gabe had to pass on wasn’t as safe as they had hoped). Captain Hook / Chris Bean (Henry Shields) is brilliant with his hook for a hand and slowly losing his cool and his mind when he’s trying to open a bottle of poison to FINALLY kill off Peter. While he struggles with the cork, the audience is “encouraging” him till he mutters: “you’re not helping here. people have to catch trains, you know!” The cork goes back in again and my seat neighbour (3rd row) yells: “Hey, get it on, I have to catch a train!”  I think I died from laughing so much. The look on poor Hook’s face – priceless!!!! Also – Captain Hook insisted that “this is not a pantomime!” – audience: “oh yes, it is!”, Hook “Oh, no it’s not!” …. that went on for quite a while and a couple of times. There was even an incident we all could scream “He’s behind you!!!”

The play’s last scene is making good use of their revolving stage – only the damn thing revolves so fast you barely can see the actors, trying valiantly to stay on the ship, in the bed, on the tree, on the ship, the bed, the tree, ship bed tree, shipbedtree…

they’re having another play out soon. The Comedy about a Bankrobbery, which is a comedy about a bankrobbery. I’ll book as soon as they start selling.




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