Anything goes Feb.19th, ’16

theatre misc


Anything goes… or rather : anything didn’t go – let me explain. Billy was totally miscast, too young for the part, and not enough volume to soar over the orchestra. His love interest was at least 10 years his senior. The theatre was not much more than a rehearsal stage and I still am miffed the ticket cost almost 200 dollar. I’m all for supporting the arts, but I don’t want to have to fear being kicked in the head by a kick line, just because I was brave enough to buy floor seats. I didn’t realise that the row was actually ON the stage as the stage was level with the audience.

The story isn’t new. Billy Crocker is an up and coming broker who fucks up a huge sale for his boss,because he saw debutant Hope, with whom he spent one night, board the ship his boss is on. He has to disguise himself, something that doesn’t go unnoticed by Reno, actress and singer and in love with Billy. Soon they find out: Hope is on the ship to marry the earl. A gangster and his floozy are on board, disguised as a priest and his chaste companion. And Billy’s boss is half blind without his glasses, which moonface Martin therefore Nick’s. After a looong of disguises,switched identities, lots of fabulous Cole Porter music and a bit of soulsearching lovers come together. The earl discovers his wild side and marries Reno, Billy and Hope tie the not and his boss is a trillionaire because billy didn’t sell his stock and marries Hope’s mother. Moonface’s floozy gets a sailor or two, and moonface himself escapes from the police. Happy ends everywhere.


There was a maybe 5 yr old child next to me who right at the beginning seemed to poop himself. It stank accordingly.  Back from the crapper the boy resumed to climb his mother. Lovely. Oh well.

Really good : moonface Martin , the Earl and the redhead Reno (real names escape me, I’ll supply them as soon as I’m home). So not a total loss but also not a win.


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