A Winter’s Tale Jan.,’16

theatre misc


This production got nominated 5times – outstanding male and female (McCamus and Peacock) costume design, play and direction – which of course was Graham Abbey. Damn, but that play was magical.

Brought to us on a teeny tiny stage in a small Torontonian theatre (sold out for the whole run) the audience was as close to the actors as humanly possible. In the cramped setting the story unfolds just like intended, a tale told to children, on a cold winter’s night, to lift your spirits and shorten the long and fearful dark hours.

Tom McCamus ‘ very distinctive voice captured the audience from the first moment on when we see a movie of happier days long gone, when his wife and son were still alive. The storyline was mercifully decluttered and made easier to follow without losing any of the great monologues nor one of the twists and turns that make the play unique. The terrific cast, “borrowed” from the Shakespeare festival in Stratford, breathed life into it and it was no real surprise that there were ppl patiently waiting in line for return tickets.

Personally I think I liked this version even better than the brilliant interpretation Kenneth Branagh brought to stage.his was more opulent, this one more intimate and thus even more heartfelt. But ultimately the two versions can’t really be compared.

I of course was really happy – stood in line when. Graham Abbey stopped by, he saw me, hugged and kissed me and left me with about 50 posting enviously at me. 🙂 Life is good!


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