The Best Man April ’18

london west end


May the best man win. A democrat and a republican fight for the approval of the US-president for their presidential campaign. The democrat – Martin Shaw – is every democrat’s wet dream, honest to a fault. Jeff Fahey is the intelligent version of Trump, using every dirty trick in the book. In the end, over the dead president, the democrat gives his votes to an unknown candidate, thus outmaneuvering the Trump double. (I wish that had happened in real life as well)

Done in a classical way the play takes place in two realistic hotel suites, and is directed rather uninspired and plain. But Shaw and Fahey, already combattants in 12 angry men, make the play sparkle and work. Their two characters go at each other’s throats and manipulate and fight, and it’s – not least because of the current political climate in the US – with frightening joy the audience watches.

And if I ever find the idiot who wasn’t able to turn his fucking phone off THREE  TIMES I might just shove it up his private parts

Stage door: Jeff Fahey is incredibly charming and friendly and sweet. Martin Shaw signed! Well, for about ten seconds 😉


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