The Tempest Sept.19th, ’18



Another gender swap ( it’s the time for it apparently) with Martha Henry playing Prospero. Now aside from the fact that Ms Henry is an extraordinary talent and can play pretty much everything she damn well wants,  the story does make even more sense when it’s a woman who was overthrown by a man and sent away with her offspring (another female), and then turns into mother nature to govern the island she was given.

Also basically the whole cast of Coriolanus was on board the ship in peril after the tempest that was caused by Prospero, so that was fun too. (And it’s just one more thing I like about Stratford’s repertory tradition: to see the actors pop up in different parts aside from their leading roles. Yes, I am that nerdy!)

The stage is a thing of beauty though. From time to time there are glowing planets hanging from the ceiling, colourful balls just because they’re pretty. There are fairy lights on the floor and in the trees, and mystical creatures emerge, like the huge raven (?) or the blood hounds with their red eyes.

Also: Martha Henry. As Prospero. I have now seen her and Christopher Plummer in the part and it truly doesn’t get better than this. 😊😊😊❤❤❤


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