The height of the storm Nov. 19th,’18

london west end

The Height Of The Storm
It’s an incredible play, cleverly done without an intermission to discuss it, showing  two daughters and their disfunctional relationships and their father in the aftermath of tragedy, their mother the glue to hold the family together and keep the father, obviously suffering from dementia, safe.
Only, is she…

The more the play progresses, the more it becomes clear that large parts of what is happening in that big house the father will not being able to keep is happening in the father’s imagination. His wife, engaging in quiet housework, makes him feel comfortable, the daughters, insisting he gives up the big house, not. There’s a brief moment of clarity, when he stumbles upon a card left in flowers. But to him it ends while sitting next to his wife, promising to not go before him. The light on her dims. He is alone…

Jonathan Pryce is amazing. Nuanced from slightly lost to desperately alone, from safe to scared and alone, he makes the part, shines in all of his helpless mourning.  It was a riveting show of range. Thank you…


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