The Rise and Fall of Little Voice Feb9th,2019

theatre misc


The story is set in the 50s, London, the new phone is being installed. Mum is drunk most of the time, dad died to escape the terrible marriage. And Little Voice is holed up in her room and doesn’t come out and listens to the same old records her father left her day in and day out. It is also the story of how not to deal with an autistic person. Because that’s what Little Voice is. When alone she sings the old records. Shirley bassey, Marilyn Monroe,  Liza Minelli, Judy Garland, come to life in her voice. She doesn’t speak, she borrows the voices of her vinyl idols.

When her mother brings home a guy who works in a nightclub, drama enfolds. While LV slowly starts to trust her new friend, one of the guys who installed the phone and also different than other boys, this new lover recognises the talent she has and wants to exploit it . Forced by her controlling and manipulative mother LV does perform in the sleazy bar. But only twice. Overwhelmed by the pressure and not able to handle the stress she vanishes with her friend, just as the apartment burns down. With everything gone – her mother destroys her records in a rage because they weren’t melted in the fire – LV finally breaks free. Together with her boy/friend Billy she watches his light installation and sings – for the first time in her real voice.

Caroline O’Connor is an amazing controlling, cruel, helpless mother, trying to find a little happiness for herself, but failing over and over again. Geraldine Hakewill dominated with a voice to die for and Joseph del Re was not just good looking and charming but also slimy and suitably nasty.  Great matinee, awesome production.

Oh, and there was Charles Wu as Billy who was absolutely sweet as the nerdy, insecure boy in love. Seen him in Doctor, Doctor and loved him there, but he’s also a highly accomplished stage actor! Loved him!


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