Betrayal May 7th, ’18

london west end


They are best friends. Two seemingly happily married guys, their wives friends as well. So when exactly did they grow so far apart that the men couldn’t even play squash together any more. When did their marriages fall so far apart that they didn’t care about their betrayals any longer. It wasn’t one bang that separated them, it fizzled out, slowly, but surely …

Charlie Cox and Tom Hiddleston as the best friends whose marriages were on shakier grounds than they thought were shining at the Pinter. In scenes jumping in time the betrayal takes place, ends, starts, with sparkling dialogue … and a scene at a restaurant where Hiddleston has to rage eat melon and prosciutto but a stray piece of melon slips from the plate and hiddleston , never stopping his monologue, stabs it from the fround with his fork, eats it. Cox watches, starts grinning, Hiddleston grins, then both corps into helpless laughter, the audience applauds. Absolutely brilliant.

Great syage door. Cox did the whole line, Hiddleston just half, still awesome

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