Rosmersholm May 9th, ’19

london west end


Survivor’s guilt. Guilt of being born into privilege. Guilt of experiencing friendship, even love. There is no happiness with Ibsen.

Rosmer’s first wife killed herself a year ago, felled by the desperation of not being able to give her husband a child. Her husband, the pastor  who was not the most passionate man to begin with. So one night the white ghost horse,  a herald of death, manifested and the wife jumped into the river that fuelled the paper mill, causing the water to rise and flood the living space of rosmersholm.

And just when it seems that Rosmer and Rebecca, his late wife’s carer and confidant,  might have a future together, politics and powerhungry politicians strike and – with the help of a revenge seeking newspaper editor whom Rosmer had outed as an adulterer – destroy the last vestiges of hope that might have been. In a valiant attempt to at least save Rosmer, Rebecca tries to take blame, but the newspaper stories have succeeded in their damning work. It’s too late for Rosmer and Rebecca.  There’s a quiet peacefulness when they take to the water amid the whinnying of an unseen horse and the living hall is flooded with water once again.

Needless to say, both Haley Atwell and Tom Burke are riveting in their performances. It’s heartwrenching and magnificent

Stagedooring: a very gracious Tom Burke was tirelessly signing and smiling for selfies. Damn but he is charming, and his wink at me quite sexy 😁

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