Addicted to TV



which turns into a better and better format with time – it’s almost a bit like those brilliant screwball comedies of way back when – The Thin Man for instance. I’m sure that’s mostly down to Nathan Fillion, whose ironic self deprecation certainly is contagious! But I also care about the sidekicks, played by very good actors so that it’s fun to watch them. Outstanding: Martha Rodgers as Castle’s actress mom. Brilliant!

And now that we have Caskett and judging by the first episode of the new series it didn’t kill the show, this is getting even more brilliant!!

The Alice

An Australian treasure. With a quirky fun-plot (a washed out Rock Star, a widow and her best friend, a ghost!, deal with life in a bar in Alice Springs) and great dialogues it’s a brilliant dramedy with absolutely fantastic actors (Simon Burke!!!). Too bad there were only 22 episodes and no extras on the DVD.

Murdoch Mysteries

Not defunct at all! Fourth season is well under way right now and it’s actually as good if not better than the first three. The erotic tension between Murdoch and Ogden is even stronger, and the secondary characters have been given more airtime. All in all a keeper and I so hope they get renewed!

And we were graced with a fifth season!!! YAY!!! very happy about this, as it hasn’t lost its quality! brilliant show.


Awesome show of BBCAmerica – set in the 1880ies in Chicago a group of detectives solve crimes, face off against racial discrimination, try to keep the brothels as clean as possible and fight against all sorts of corruption. A very lovingly made glimps into a time that’s well in the past thankfully, with a lot of love for detail.

The Paradise

Another BBC-costume drama – set in 1900 in the first London warehouse, the Paradise, it tells the stories of seamstresses, sales girls and the nobility that was looking down on this new venture. Again: done with a great love to detail – well made!

Downton Abbey

ITV at its very best! Can you see a pattern? all brit shows here! LOL This one is just amazing, set before and now after the First World War it follows the story of Downton Abbey and its occupants, and the actors are just sublime! Amazing writing, amazing plots.

The Crimson petal and the white

Another brilliant british TVshow that gives us insight into historic times – great actors and fantastic writing.

The Borgias

Fabulous period drama. It’s Canadian Hungarian Irish coproduced – weird, I know. Great actors like Jeremy Irons and Colm Feore are doing a fabulous job and it’s already been renewed for a second season! YES!

The only drawback to new seasons of the Borgias: Colm Feore isn’t going to do theatre in Stratford ON – AGAIN! how dare he? LOL

Game of Thrones

Not as good as the Borgias, but still good enough to make me follow it religiously! Love the actors on it!


I’m not even starting on TW – I’m such a pathetic fan I collect tweets that promise inside information. I’m a bit ashamed of myself, but only a bit! I enjoy all this too much!

Now into the fourth season which turns out even more disturbing than the previous ones. A bit slower than COE, hasn’t lost its appeal.


when Melina Kanakaredes left (reasons unknown, I guess she didn’t get the raise she’d hoped for and was therefore dealt with) I was a bit worried about my last remaining CSI show that I liked. But Sela Ward actually fits better into the team than Kanakaredes ever did – I often felt her whole attire wasn’t that of a professional woman, her hair too fancy, her clothes not fitting the salary of a police employee. I realise that these choices were not hers but the wardrobe department’s but she did stand out. With Sela Ward they have a tough, no nonsense working woman who effortlessly blended into the team. Well done!

Still the best of the CSI franchise. Now that Mack Llewellin Taylor (yes, we learned his middle name) is actually allowed a girlfriend that has the blessing of his dead wife (you had to see it to love it), it gets better and better!

True Blood

it’s the “how Vampires would like to be pictured” show on TV – sexy, fun and shameless. Curious if the new season will be able to hold that high standard.

Being Human UK

it’s the “we are actually much more normal than you think” show on TV – Vampires, Werewolves and ghosts and ghoolies – combined with brilliant british humor. Yes, I like it. Very much so.

So now that they killed off all my fav actors (mostly Russell Tovey, the werewolf) I don’t watch it any longer. shame, actually. was such a promising show.

Hawaii Five 0

it’s grown on me. Now that the characters (and the actors) have had some time to get acquainted with their parts it’s actually a great show that has decent storylines. And ogling O’Loughlin’s various tattoos doesn’t hurt either. Also this show proves that the man can act. He just needs decent material. Great fun!

And my newest addiction: Sherlock – it’s absolutely brilliant and such a shame there are only three meager episodes…

out of: CSI (and not even shameless stunt casting saves this lead ball. 30 seconds of William Petersen couldn’t help that crap either), Heroes, FlashForward and more every day.


dear god, how can a show about Sherlock Holmes be so utterly utterly bad. Oh right, because it ISN’T about Sherlock Holmes. The character got his name, the actor tries desperately to work with what he’s given but that’s so not enough and the female (!) Dr Watson is free of charisma and talent. sigh. what a waste…

Two and a half men

very curious what will go on with that show, now that Charlie Sheen looks like hell and is in rehab for a while. they stopped filming in January ’11 and he’s promised to pay one third of the crew’s salary and that he’ll be back soon. Couple of days ago I stumbled into an early episode (the show started in ’03) and the difference between Sheen then and now is apalling and disheartening. Well, it’s his life.

update – defunct thanks to Charlie Sheen’s burn and crash. #losing

update – not defunct as Ashton Kutcher took over, but God, he is BAD. The show is so dead now. #lost


which holds its own in its second season – and even though I don’t collect the whole season, I still keep some of the episodes just because they’re fun or have guests I’d call shameless stunt-casting in any other show!

Bored of Glee. stunt casting not enough to hold my interest.

out of glee.

never into: Happy Town, that medic show with O’Loughlin, CSI: Miami, and too many more to count.


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