True West Jan 8th, ’19

london west end

I’m shallow. I wanted to know if Jon Snow can act. Yes, he can



The Wipers Times Nov 20th, ’18

london west end

In the trenches of Ypres, then at the Somme, half a dozen soldiers and officers write against the warnin the middle of a war that will encompass the whole world. With wit, irony and sarcasm they survive the terrors of bombs, and gas attacks, while making fun of the brass and work through their grief when yet another friend is killed. The thin paper gains both more pages and more readers, until it is a huge success.

Not after the war though. The two main contributers fail in real life, stepping out of journalism, leaving England for Canada and India.

The cast is absolutely brilliant. Sam Ducane and James Dutton are the main editors in the bombed out building that features as office space. Dan Mersh is the printer who makes it happen over and over again.

With song and dance, quips and faked letters and ads it is indeed a laugh a minute even when they suffer gas attacks and exploding bombs. It’s only on till Dec 1st. Go watchnit at the arts theatre. It’s definitely wort it.

The height of the storm Nov. 19th,’18

london west end

The Height Of The Storm
It’s an incredible play, cleverly done without an intermission to discuss it, showing  two daughters and their disfunctional relationships and their father in the aftermath of tragedy, their mother the glue to hold the family together and keep the father, obviously suffering from dementia, safe.
Only, is she…

The more the play progresses, the more it becomes clear that large parts of what is happening in that big house the father will not being able to keep is happening in the father’s imagination. His wife, engaging in quiet housework, makes him feel comfortable, the daughters, insisting he gives up the big house, not. There’s a brief moment of clarity, when he stumbles upon a card left in flowers. But to him it ends while sitting next to his wife, promising to not go before him. The light on her dims. He is alone…

Jonathan Pryce is amazing. Nuanced from slightly lost to desperately alone, from safe to scared and alone, he makes the part, shines in all of his helpless mourning.  It was a riveting show of range. Thank you…

Briefs at the Spiegeltent Nov.18th, ’18

london west end

I booked this show without actually knowing all that much about it, just wanted a show on Sunday as it would’ve been a shame not to have a show on sunday 😉

And oh what a show it was. A gorgeous Australian drag queen (my mom still thinks I’m playing the rugby over here) was hosting a brilliant crew of buff men, and their marvellous circus acts on the rope and the ring, with juggling balls and other awesome dancemoves. Think chippendales but all talented circus artists! We all boarded at UFO to another plane of enjoyment. Absolute brilliance. And in the middle of the gorgeous leicester square Christmas market.

Certainly a huge win (and yes, there was a split second of full frontal nudity as well, and yes, i am that shallow) 😉❤




The King and I Aug 21st, ’18

london west end


It was everything that I’d hoped for. The kids were cute, the english teacher was great and had a powerful voice, the young lovers were endearing and Ken Watanabe was amazing. I left still humming “shall we dance, one two three” and that is high praise from me. I was a bit disappointed we didn’t get to see naoko mori,  but her second placement as Lady was very good. And I am happy that  i saw Watanabe,  who had visible fun on stage and transferred that enthusiasm seamlessly into his part.

The Lieutenant of Inishmore Aug 20th, ’18

london west end


I initially booked this show because of Aiden Turner who is famous for mowing grass shirtless and brooding in a very sexy manner on TV. Lucky me, he’s also a good actor who thrives on stage and very obviously has a load of fun.

It all starts with a poor brutally slaughtered cat. Wee Thomas is Padraik’s black cat; Padraik, who went off to become an Irish hero and fight the British,  but as a splinter group that attacks mostly shops and the odd pills and marihuana dealer, whom he tortures with happy glee. Just when he’s about to cut his victim’s nipples, his phone rings and his dad informs him that Wee Thomas is poorly. (Because he wants to break the news of the black cat gently so as not to trigger mad Padraik’s really mad temper) . But it’s triggered, of course and mad Paddy on his way home to check on his only childhood friend, the little black kitten that would go on days long benders and come back with a swagger and really hungry.

At home his dad and Donny are fretting about how Paddy will react to the death of his cat. They even obtain a cat, albeit an orange one and start dying it with shoe cream. But while they desperately try to cover up the death of Tom, there are three members of the nra who wait for the splinter group coming back home. They even had his cat killed to lure him back home to stand trial for his rather mad endeavours.  Padraic though is greeted by Mairead, 16 years young and with a desperate crush both on him and on the freedom of Ireland. She’s a master shot and gets weak kneed when he kisses her.

Padraic of course sees through the cover up, kills the orange cat and is about to slaughter his father and Donny when those three nra members step in. Mahem breaks out. Padraic is almostbat his wits’ end, but all of a sudden sharpshooter Mairead takes out their eyes and just as they’re about to die they confess to Wee Thomas’ murder. If only Padraic hadn’t killed the orange tabby and if only said tabby weren’t owned by Mairead and if only ….  and just as dad, Donny and Mairead are cleaning up four dead bodies, the window slips open and Wee Thomas struts in, hungry and swaggery…

The blackest of comedies had me roaring with laughter, the cast was incredible and Turner, thankfully cast against his TVparts is allowed to shine. It’s an over the top, irreverent, fun, glimpse on the fight for freedom… oh, no, not really, it’s just a brilliant hilarious comedy full of vicious humour and pointed dialogue. And Aiden Turner didn’t even have to lose his bloodied shirt. 😁😁😁


The Book of Mormon Aug 18th, ’18

london west end

Fun. No, really, FUN! It’s funny to watch members of a nutty religion being sent to Uganda to bring new sheep into the fold. It’s funny to see them struggle with their sexuality and the terrible dangers around them, and how their naivety somehow saves them even from the brutality of a warlord. It’s fun to see the least of the Elders turning everything around with his hairraisingly outlandish lies, because all of a sudden they don’t feel so outlandish any more. Don’t fuck babies to cure aids, fuck a frog. Don’t mutilate women’s genitals or you’ll be turned into a frog that’ll be fucked to cure aids…

It’s especially funny to see christians laugh about the absurdity of the Mormon religion because quite frankly, pot, meet kettle.

The cast is amazing. Their energy ist boundless and the intro number Hello is a fantastic win. Just as the rousing number Hasa Diga Eebowai which means, roughly translated: Fuck you, God! And in the end everything’s great and they all live happily ever after in the name of the book of Arnold (which is the first name of Elder Cunningham), a brilliant parable on christianity with a dash of fanatism added for good measure.